What is the Bajuice Juice Bar Fast Cleansing Program?


The Bajuice Fast Cleansing Program is a profound leap into pure liquid nourishment.  Experience all the benefits of raw vegetables, fruits and energize food in this cleansing diet.  The Bajuice Fast Cleansing is an all day juicing experience giving your digestive organs a break from solid foods.  By giving your body a digestive rest your body will have more energy for internal cleaning.


Hydrate and refresh your body with the highest quality nutrients available.



How does it work?


In the Bajuice Fast Cleansing you will receive six juices of 16oz. bottle.  Each bottle will be label with their ingredients and the order you should take each juice.


• The first juice will be drank early in the morning and each two hours drink the rest.

• One can alternate each juice.  It is very important you drink all the juices for a proper cleanse.

• At the end of day 3 you would have consume at least 25 pounds of raw fresh vegetables and fruits.

• Each juice is COLD-PRESS thru our Norwalk Juicer.  The benefits of this method are that each fruit and vegetable will have a longer shelf life.  By COLD-PRESSING the vegetable or fruit will not lose valuable nutrients because it will not be exposed to heat, making the juices fresher and with a higher nutritional value.


It is very important to drink lots of water because it will help during the cleaning process.





Is the Bajuice Fast Cleansing good for you?


Yes.  It has been proven that the average person carries about 10 to 20 ounces of liquid toxins a day.  This Fast Cleansing program will help you eliminate many of these toxins.  It is recommended to do this type of cleaning every 60 to 90 days.





The Bajuice Fast Cleansing program is design for three days.


1 day cleansing: $55 p/d

2 days: $50 p/d

3 days: $45 p/d

4 or more day: $40 p/d